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Syston Cable Technology

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Syston Cable Technology is located in Southern California and is a subsidiary of Zhengdao Wire and Cable which was established to better serve existing and new customers located in North and South America. Our parent company is located in close proximity to Shanghai, China and was established over 22 years ago. It has five cable factories in China, which have a total of 2,690,977 sq ft of manufacturing space under roof, have 750 employees including 75 that are dedicated to developing new cables and to maintaining strict quality control procedures and are equipped with specialized production machinery and a fully equipped laboratory with electrical, mechanical and environmental test equipment.

For the last eight years, we have supplied private labeled cables in North America to premier manufacturers and distributors. The establishment of an office here will bring us closer to our customers and will enable us to better serve their cable requirements in a timely manner. This will speed up the development of new cables, establish better control over air and ocean cable shipments and for the longer term establish an inventory here of popular cables to shorten the delivery cycle. We also are developing an Syston brand cable product line, which will be a high-quality and cost-effective product line for the distribution channels with a locally maintained warehouse inventory.

We manufacture a complete portfolio of high quality Network Cables, Coaxial Cables, Multi-Conductor Security & Control Cables, Home Theater Audio Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, HVAC & Thermostat Cables, Irrigation, Tracer & Lighting Cables, Access Control, and Multimedia Cables. All the cables are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge sizes, shielding & outdoor configurations and jacketing materials including plenum, riser and general purpose. Application for these cables include Voice & Data, Networking, CATV, CCTV, Audio, Security, Fire, Temperature Control, Underground Irrigation & Lighting and Access Control etc. Our cables are manufactured with innovative equipment and technology from our state-of-the art facility and to the highest quality standards and are recommended to ensure optimum system performance.

The company also has a joint venture to manufacture precision cables, high technology cables, and subway cables and is affiliated with the Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute. We supply high-quality cables to customers located in Asia, Americas and Europe and comply with ISO, TIA and other standards and possesses both UL and ETL cable listings. All of our materials are 100% RoHS compliant. We aim to be the environmental leader in our industry and focus on conservation, recycling and minimizing any negative impact on the worldwide community and will strive to design tomorrow’s products that are even more earth-friendly.

At Syston Cable Technology, we value our customers and uphold a high-level of integrity, professionalism for our company and for our products as well. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product while maintaining cost efficiency around the globe.  Our mission is to make a larger global impact by significantly expanding our reach and customer base across North America & South America.