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Salient Systems

Street: 10801 N. Mo Pac Expy., Building 3 Suite 700
Postcode: 78759
City: Austin
Phone: 512-617-4800
Fax: 512-617-4801
Website: Website Title

Salient Systems is a leading provider of enterprise video management solutions and offers the industry’s most straightforward, cost effective approach for migrating from analog to digital IP video technologies. With an intuitive interface, CompleteView™ VMS and the PowerProtect™ NVR platform maximize the power and efficiency of your video surveillance installation.

With three editions of software, ONE, Pro and Enterprise, CompleteView™ allows for a wide spectrum of vertical applications along with consistent programming so each edition offers installers, users and technicians alike the simplicity of the CompleteView™ experience.

Authorized dealers have access to a powerful VMS platform to address analog, hybrid and IP applications. In addition, certified dealers have access to a true enterprise class VMS platform offering robust, centrally managed operations in a scalable solution.

Innovation, powered by practical applications, enables Salient to provide the right solution for complex security applications in a wide variety of environments.