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Designed Security Slimline Series Optical Turnstiles

slimlineslimlineThe new Slimline Series Optical Turnstiles is a revolutionary solution for lobby access control that combines an elegant acrylic design with a turnstile barrier measuring less than seven inches wide. The Slimline Series enables more turnstiles to fit within today’s space-constrained building lobbies, while the programmable LCD display lets organizations customize the points of entry to meet their security needs.

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ES880, ES5200, ES8500


Invisigate ES880

Glass Barrier Optical Turnstile

Entry Sentry ES5200

Tailgate Detection System


Mid Size Optical Turnstile

New Optical sensing Technology


Raytec Network Illuminators with POE

Winner of the ‘IFSEC Best CCTV System of the Year’, Raytec’s range of VARIO network illuminators has now been extended to include PoE capability and 4 new model sizes in both Infra-Red and White-Light.

PoE capability allows for a much quicker and more cost effective lighting installation. VARIO IP PoE illuminators can be easily integrated onto an existing network infrastructure, with no local mains connections or special electrical labour required.

Operated via integrated web interface or VMS, VARIO IP PoE allows for quick and easy remote set up, commissioning, operation and maintenance of your lighting scheme from anywhere on the network 24/7. Users have full control over their lighting at all times to respond to live events in real time, triggering lighting to deter crime, or altering light settings in response to operational changes for the best CCTV images and safety at all times.

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Raytec launch VARIO

raytec Light Matters - November 2011raytec Light Matters - November 2011

Raytec VARIO at International Partner Conference 2011Raytec VARIO at International Partner Conference 2011

VARIO is the latest innovation in illumination from Raytec. It is the most important technology development since the initial launch of RAYMAX and RAYLUX and redefines CCTV lighting.

VARIO LED illuminators combine the latest advances in optics, remote control, electronic feedback and green technology into an outstanding all-round package.

Available in Infra-Red and White-Light, the unique VARIO beam pattern system is the latest development in adjustable, interchangeable optics and allows users to alter the angle of illumination to exactly match the required field of view. The holographic VARIO inserts enhance the even illumination to standards far in excess of normal LED illuminators for the very best CCTV images at night.

Key partners got to see VARIO first hand at Raytec's recent International Partner Conference, allowing them to take a closer look at all its key features, including


Download VARIO At A Glance

Shipping Feburary 2012.



Partner Conference ReviewPartner Conference Review

Raytec hosted their 3rd International Platinum Partner conference from 17th-19th November. The conference was a great success, with just under 100 key partners from 22 different countries attending. The conference itself was very well received with mixture of educational seminars, practical workshops and product news.


Partner Conference ReviewPartner Conference Review
Join the latest discussion in Lighting for SurveillanceJoin the latest discussion in Lighting for Surveillance

In a bid to cut costs councils across the UK are reducing the amount of CCTV cameras, but will this have a direct impact on the crime rate in the area?


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Hot White-Light NewsHot White-Light News

Due to advances in Raytec's LED technology, all RAYLUX White-Light Illuminators now provide 25% more power. They provide improved optical output to deliver longer range capability and enhanced performance.

In addition, Raytec are lowering prices on all RAYLUX White-Light standard range illuminators to help all our customers to promote the benefits of switching to the latest LED technology.

Available from Q1 2012.



All Raytec high voltage illuminators are to be delivered with the NEW PRO Series PSU as standard at no extra cost. Previously available as an optional upgrade, the PRO PSU includes photocell following contact, power adjust, telemetry control, photocell control and auxiliary power output as standard.

Available from Q1 2012.














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TRENDnet Point-To-Point 10G Networking

TRENDnet has just launched a new line of Gigabit Web Smart Switches with 10GB connections. Attached is a pdf flyer that you can use to announce their arrival with your customers and contacts.

TEG-30284, 24-port Gigabit Web Smart Switch with 4 x 10GB SFP+ slots, SRP is $399.99 and is in stock now.

TEG-40128, 12-port 10G Web Smart Switch with 8 x 10GBASE-T ports, SRP is $1,599.99 and will be in stock later this week.

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