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Salient Systems

2016 Security Products New Product of the Year Winner, Salient Systems

We are pleased to announce that Salient Systems’ RED3 Integrated Server 16 Port/24 Port has won the 2016 Security Products New Product of the Year award! All of the winners are highlighted on the Security-Today website. Editorial coverage of the winning products will be featured in the December issue of Security Products magazine. Salient Systems will be awarded the New Product of the Year trophy at ASIS, September 12-14 in Orlando.

Salient Systems - Life After The Sale

Supporting the dealer and customer.

How your technology vendor supports you and your customers can be the most important factor for successful and profitable deployments. Great technology is important but the quality of system design, installation and after-sale support can be the main factors for long term satisfaction.


It’s important for your technology vendor to work the way you and your customers prefer, and product training is no exception.

Deploying the most feature-rich and sophisticated security equipment won’t do anyone any good if the end user of the system doesn’t know how to access and use the product’s capabilities.  This is why vendor supported training should be a key component of every successful dealer’s deployment strategy.

Instructor lead training is the most common format available and has several advantages including live Q&A and hands-on time with equipment.

A challenge with instructor lead training is that it requires scheduling, and therefore may be difficult to get all the key players in the same place at the same time.  Another obstacle is the travel costs of getting to and from the class and time of out the field.  While time out of the field may not be optimum, instructor led training may provide the deepest level of product knowledge for both the dealer and customer.

An ideal solution for organizations that have many people to train, or who experience turnover and therefore need people trained over time, is online self-paced training programs.  Although not as common as the classroom instructor lead format, online training has real advantages both in terms of cost and convenience.  Having a greater number of people trained, via an online program, can often compliment the benefit of deeper training with an instructor lead program.

Working with technology vendors that offer both styles of training means you’ll be prepared to support any training needs with your technology vendor’s support.  The right training on the product means the consumer will be fully productive with the product and will result in a reduced support after the deployment.

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